Rosa Macher is a new ready-to-wear womenswear and accessories label, stitching together creator Sonja Wrede’s passion for clothes and women.

After leaving London for the Devon countryside Sonja felt inspired to turn her ten years working as a personal stylist and for high-end fashion houses into a new creative project. Using her talent for dressing women in clothes that they loved and felt confident in, Sonja created ready-to-wear label Rosa Macher, offering limited editions of beautiful, stylish clothes that suit modern women looking to find easy to wear, carefully crafted pieces that slip easily into their existing wardrobes.

Launching in February 2019, Rosa Macher was named after Sonja’s maternal and paternal grandmothers and is the combination of their first and maiden names. The word ‘Macher’ is German and translates into maker. Much thought, passion and expertise has gone into the “Macher”-ing of the debut edition!

British-made: all pieces are made in Britain by Makers HQ in Plymouth, a community interest company drawing on Plymouth’s rich heritage in fashion and textile manufacture.

Rosa Macher purposely choses to be a direct to consumer brand, cutting out the wholesale margin and effectively giving it to the customer, but most importantly Rosa Macher wants to know who her customer is and engage with her directly.

Rosa Macher works in editions rather than collections. Pieces can be put together for complete outfits, but also work individually, easily dressed up or down, and will fit seamlessly in with your wardrobe staples, such as jeans. Pieces are designed with love and great care and tend to take on a life of their own! The journey from initial ideas to completion is a labour of love: each garment will be ready when it is, rather than adhering to a fashion calendar. As an added bonus, all Rosa Macher clothes are vegan-friendly; her label offers women the chance to own stunning pieces that draw on Sonja’s personal principle of ‘do no harm’.

As a small start-up Rosa Macher offers present pieces in sizes 8 and 10, however it is possible to manufacture ‘made to order’ pieces in sizes 12 and 14 upon request. As of summer 2019, when Edition 002 lands, we’ll be offering pieces in sizes UK6 - UK14.

Rosa Macher is available online and will be participating in pop-ups throughout the UK.

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